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Subaru WRX hatchback: New Look -New Taste


The Subaru WRX Impreza is one of the cars that would satisfy people looking for a performance car to use throughout the year and that too in the rough snowy terrain. The handling of the WRX is quite quick and also satisfactory for a lot of drivers going out on 1000 mile or more trips. The premium package is great with a sunroof and a short-throw shifter along with it. Subaru has a habit of investing his money in the drivetrain of the car and not on comfort or looks. This is justified since the radio module is quite tiny and full of plastic, while the engine is rock solid and delivers premium performance.


The 4 door hatchback is priced at $ 25795 while its STI version costs 10 grand more at $ 36295 and rightly so. The STI model has a 6-speed manual compared to its non-STI version that boasts a 5-speed manual gear system. Subaru does provide automatic gearbox for their cars however that is an option and not taken up by most of its customers. The STI version has flat 4 cylinders with a seating capacity of 5 and a combined MPG of 19. The non-STI variant shares the same specs except for the combined MPG, which are 21. Both these cars have a gas engine, powered with an all-wheel drive.


The non-STI version sports a 2.5L 4 cyl Turbo, 5M engine while the STI sports a 2.5L 4 cyl Turbo, 6M. The Torque produced by the engine is quite different since the Non-STI version has a torque of 244ft-lbs at a rate of 4000rpm while the STI version has a 290ft-lbs at the rate of 4000rpm. Base engine and vales of both the versions are the same with the former being 2.5 l and the latter consisting of 16 valves. There is a commendable gap in the horsepower since the STI version has a 305hp at 6000rpm and the lower version ahs 265hp at 6000rpm. Both the versions have a double overhead cam (DOHC) and variable valve timing. These are quite excellent specs compared to the Chevrolet and the Honda Civic hatchbacks, although their specs might trump Subaru, however, the drivetrain and rough terrain conquering ability make the Subaru irresistible.



The viscous centre differential is only found in the non-STI variant and the same goes for the central Limited Slip differential. However, the difference is vivid in the transmission type since the STI has 6-speed manual compared to a 5 speed manual of the non-STI version. There is a Mechanical centre differential present in the STI model along with a front-rear and central limited-slip differential, justifying the 10 grand splurges. These extra costs would not be justified since this car covers the snowy and rocky terrain; therefore the extra $10 K is totally unjustified for city or highway use of this car.

Fuel and MPG

Comparing the fuel and the MPG stats, the first point that comes up is the city and highway estimation of the EPA mileage. The EPA mileage is 17/23 mpg and 19/25 mpg of the STI and non-STI version respectively expressed as cty/hwy units. The fuel tank has a capacity of 16.9 gal and both cars require premium unleaded fuel. The range estimation in miles is expected to be 321.1/422.5 for the non-STI version while the STI version is marked at 287.3/388.7 mi.

Apart from these stats, the car contains the basic safety precautions starting from the distribution of electronic brake force along with 4 wheel ABS and engine immobilizer. The interiors can be illuminated in red and it also has the feature of auto-dimming. The Sirius satellite radio kit is installed along with a black cargo tray. All things considered, the Subaru Impreza is certainly impressive since the STI model is 25% firmer and the grip is just excellent. Although the spec when compared to Honda Civic and the Chevrolet hatchback is quite low, the performance is scintillating. This car is a beast when it comes to snowy terrains or off-road improvisations.