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Subaru Impreza : Compact Sedan to look for


The 2017 Subaru Impreza is one of the savviest cars which have become famous all over the world. One look at this wagon and you can tell this has got all the right features to become popular amongst use.

Outgoing hatchback

The new Subaru Impreza is a downright handsome monster which catches the eyes of several people on the road. Its outgoing hatchback, it has got five doors earning the love and admiration of several engineers and auto-savvy people. The hatchback is all about the hole creating a spacious, bright outlook for the car. The four inches width of the fifth hinge may provide a generic look but it does not fail to provide easy access to the back.

Spacious Interior

One look at the car and you wish to sit inside it. When you sit inside the car, you are welcomed by the spacious interior design of the auto giving you a more plush outlook of the car from inside. Compared to the earlier models, this car is 1.1 inches wider in the front seats and 1.3 inches wide in the rear seating giving enough space to the individual to sit comfortably throughout the ride. The cockpit is very much conventional in design and has a bifurcated display screen. The interior of this auto is clubbed with an automated safety system with improved dynamics of automated transmission with 152 horsepower design.

Car for Socialisation

The modern era is no more the one for golden wheels, it is time for socialisation and applications! The conventional and detailed cockpit design of the auto along with the three multicolour screens adds on the requirements of the Millenials in the market. This leads you to use the latest Apps on the bifurcated display screen adding on to the adventurous design of the car. The TomTom software along with the Harman/Kardon stereo adds on to the rocking effect in the car, letting you party away in your road adventures.

No Extraneous Noise

Another feature which I would like to highlight about this car is that there is no extraneous noise which could irritate you in your journey. The HVAC system of this monster is redesigned all the way. This means there are larger ductway and less of that fan roaring in the car. In the end, you are blessed with less noise and more of peace when driving this bud on the road. The faster turn-in-ratio along with the thrilling power of this car makes it more gratifying to drive away in the quietest manner gives you good sound insulation, which is useful for you, especially if you can a baby fast asleep in the car.


Comparison to Other cars

Now you will ask me why you should buy this lovely car rather than other alternatives available in the market. I will not say that those are bad, but take a look or a test drive and you will know the difference. The car has a curb weight of 3050 pounds, and 0.2 inches lower gravity. The speed of 120 miles an hour, along with DOHC 16 valves, aluminium block and head direct-injection engine, along with 5 manual, automatic variable transmissions, sets this car apart from the rest in the market.


This depends whether you buy at a base price or as a limited collection. The base price is $19.715, while that of the premium range is $22,515. The sports cars range cost $23315 while those of the limited edition range are worth $25,415.


So I would like to say that the Subaru Impreza Hatchback better known in the market as Subaru Imprezza is one to watch out for and worth a buy. This sleek beauty is worth its price and you will never regret buying it.