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Skoda Kodiaq 4×4 Sportline 2018 : Review


Skoda Kodiaq 4 * 4 is an excellent, convenient, and an inspirational model vehicle competes with the likes of Nissan X- Trail and Honda CR-V. This excellent mid-sized seven-seat model car is available with a top-class range of petrol versions.

Review of Skoda Kodiaq sports line

Driving Experience

You have a lovely driving experience in the Skoda Kodiaq sports line model. It is smooth as silk and shows comfortable and convenient driving in all range of roads.

It gives an effortless drive even in rush hours and high off the road. The driver will definitely feel safe and comfortable while driving even in peak hours traffic.

Driving Experience in Hilly regions

If you plan a trip to any hilly regions, you no need to worry about transport facilities. As this Skoda 4*4 has a 2.0-liter turbo engine which helps for powerful driving even in the hilly region.

The steering wheel turns very easily in U- bends at the same time the vehicle provides excellent pick-up and gear transmission.

How spacious it is?

The car is too big in size. The car comes with five seated, masquerading as a mid seven seated comfort. The height of the car is about 161 cm tall, which is convenient to sit relax and there is a better spacing between the knees and seat space.

Excellent Look of the vehicle

When you observe from outside, it looks beefy, bolshie with grille upfront. Inside it has an excellent spacing, comfortable placement of seats, high gloss finishes, convenient place holders and luxurious, soft and smooth black finish.

At the first look itself, you may feel WOW inside. The car is available with attractive colors and variant models.

Convenient for everyday use

Skoda 4*4 sports line car provides a more comfortable and convenient driving. Skoda includes an umbrella, two blankets, a convenient cup holder, a bottle holder in each door, and the best audio set. The vehicle is more luxurious to drive for everyday use.

The weekend trip will be grateful for the family. The convenient spacing provides excellent baggage provision and comfortable seating capacity for a small family.

The technology inside the car

Skoda 4*4 comes with apple and android car play. Once you are plugged in, instantly you are connected to 9.2 –inch multimedia screen which gives access to the map for navigation and multimedia speakers for entertainment.

With the help of advanced technology, you can use voice control for messages and phone calls. With the multimedia screen display, it is easy to answer the incoming calls. The phone can also charge with the help of a wireless charger.

Safety and Security

Usually, many vehicles come with an inbuilt airbag either for single or for the single and rear seat. But this Skoda 4*4 model comes with inbuilt airbags for front passengers and side curtain airbags that extend to the back row.

Additionally, you get two extra airbags in the Kodaiq model. This provides excellent safety and security to the passengers. The car comes with the AEB system that helps to understand the steering wheel and beeps when it starts to limp.