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Review of Volkswagen Golf 4×4


In this modern era, a new generation Volkswagen Golf is streaming high. It has an excellent interior, comfortable seating capacity and strong durability. Volkswagen is renowned as the best quality car with extreme reliability and extra-ordinary performance.

Specifications of VW 4×4

Internal Specification: The body type of VW 4×4 is a hatchback. It has 5 seats, 3 doors, and 110hp power. The model of VW 4×4 comes with 4 inline cylinders shows an excellent riding of 193k/h.

VW 4×4 is a petrol car in which diesel is also available with a 1.9GT TDI version. The most preferable and safety model vehicle is the petrol model one.

Handling: The body type and engine type help for easy handling. It provides smooth riding even on rough roads and offers an excellent safety control. It is quite easy to drive in hilly or rough terrain areas. The vehicle shows enormous engine pickup and an excellent riding on the road.

Safety: When you invest huge money in the car, it is obvious to look after safety and security. The car is made with a strong body shell which provides extra-ordinary safety while driving.

In this VW 4×4 model car, it provides amenities like strong ABS for front passengers and also for back seated passengers.

Quality: The whole model VW 4×4 comes with hatchback oozes with an excellent quality of materials which has high durability. The cabin of the car is made with an excellent wood material which shows an excellent look to the car.

Comfort:  The seating space and the distance between the knee and the seat are identical and supportable to your posture. The head spacing also made wide even a 6.5-inch person can seat comfortably even in the back seat.

Normally 3 young children or 2 adults can sit comfortably at the back seat. The provisions of the cup holder, bottle holder on the door, etc adds advantage to the passengers.


VW 4×4 uses an advanced technology which helps to connect your Smartphone to the infotainment system. It is easy to access calls and map navigation using the 9-inch multimedia screen.

An option of answering the phone call, sending SMS, or searching in Google can be visualized with the help of voice command.

The car has many advantages that include excellent interior, space tiring, Eco-friendly, ABS facility, electronic brake system, fog lights, leather steering wheel, hand brake, system, hatchback body type and a strong body shell.


As the vehicle has better engine capacity, hence it is quite expensive but efficient in use. The vehicle provides better comfortability, advanced technology, excellent quality, and great engine performance.

All model equipment and efficient body design help the customer for more referrals. All the VW 4×4 users feel comfortable and safe while driving and convenient while traveling.

There is no doubt that the vehicle gives better infotainment and excellent driving even on smooth and rough terrain roads. Hatchback body space provides excellent seat spacing options and better height variations in front and backs seating places.