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Lexus LC Convertible Concept Makes World Debut in Detroit


The new Lexus Convertible is a roofless luxury concept car that invokes a sensation with the first appearance launch at its top of Lexus’s range was unveiled for the first time at the Detroit motor show back in January. Designed to simultaneously take off your breath and gives fresh air. This is the Lexus LC Convertible like you have never seen it earlier.

“The Convertible has a chopped roof and we are not even crazy”.

Lexus LC Convertible Concept

  • Year: 2019
  • Make: Lexus
  • Model: LC
  • Car segment: Concept cars
  • Purpose: Concept
  • Body style: C
  • Convertible

What makes the Lexus Convertible stand out?

Whether you are looking for the Lexus coupe or the Lexus LC Convertible concept, I think the design is the main difference of the LC compared to what other competitors are offering. It stands out from all of the other cars range in the segment. The Lexus LC Convertible is a perfect proposal of stand-out design, especially the interior is awesome, with the crisp white luxury leather and the dashboard’s first-rate yellow stitching.

Extremely Impressive Interior Design of Lexus LC Convertible than Coupe

  • White Leather
  • Yellow Stitching
  • Two-Tone Upholstery

In Lexus coupe, interior design is more attentive to the driver. However, in a Lexus LC convertible, when you park the convertible car on a public road in a city and stay the top down, you have to entice a crowd too. Because of that so much attentiveness has given to the cabin of the Lexus LC Convertible.

Convertible Concept Exterior dimensions.

mm                     inches

Height              1340                      52.8

Width               1920                        75.6

Length            4770                        187.8

Wheelbase      2870                        113

  • Revised Windshield
  • Redesigned DeckLid
  • Soft-Top Configuration

The LC Convertible is almost 1,920mm wide, 4,770mm long, and 1,340mm high in proportions. This stunning concept car is very sensational in my conception. No doubt it was a dare for the designers to maintain the same proportion and packaging in the Lexus convertible as in the coupe.

The sleek silhouette makes it appear as a roadster. holding the cabin dimensions given one amongst the most challenges as a result of you’ve got to seek out an area to pack the soft-top. The packaging within isn’t extremely compromised so it was another challenge overcome by the designing team.

Soft-top makes the car feel lighter, a lot of dynamic and filled with fun to drive, whereas a hard-top would place way more weight on the shoulder of the car. The packaging of a soft-top is less complicated as well. The 22-inch wheels are featuring quite amazing.


This concept ought to feature the regular production 5 liter V-8, which sends 467 horsepower and 389 pound-ft of torsion to the rear wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission system.


Most concept cars generally showcase spectacular exterior styles, futurist interiors, or technology that may be placed into production for some purpose. The Lexus LC Convertible doesn’t have such highlights, because it is simply a production LC with the roof shredded off. This doesn’t build it a useless conception although. Lexus LC Convertible is probably going making an attempt to determine interest in a very drop-top version of its grand toured.