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Kia hatchback edition: Everything you should not miss out while choosing your dream car!!!


The 2020 Kia Rio is best having a hatchback system with some upscale characteristics. The fuel-efficient engine provides amicable driving manners. This hatchback edition has a handsome interior which is more comfortable than other cars. In addition to this, the car also provides you infotainment system which is comfortable with both android auto capability systems and Apple car play. However, this car lacks driving assistance technology which is very common in other cars in this range. In spite of this, the car has crossed the barrier by featuring classic interior. In short, the car will give you a refined ride, charming interior, agile handling and deeper style but the back seat is tight and cargo storage is small.

Engine and transmission

If you think to buy this car you will never regret with the engine provided by the company. The car is featured with a four-cylinder engine with automatic transmission. This car is more adequate for subcompact down to the road. A nice comfort and substantial feel with agility make the car more pleasant for driving. This hatchback version of Kia is quite impressive just because of its catchy structure and tuned suspension. Another feature will draw your attraction by giving you a controlled body roll. This gives you much satisfaction when you are in the driving seat. However, according to our preference, the numb steering is not much communicative up to that level but the car is nicely precise and weighted.

Interior and comfort

The main feature of Rio is simplicity. The dashboard present inside of the car is clean and easy to use. The interesting feature of this car is that you can control yours just by giving the command. In addition to this, the car can sense the climate. The interior part of the car is made of hard plastic with impressive design and texture which gives you an amazing feeling. The seat of the car is too soft and comfortable. In the front seat, you can get adequate space and you can freely drive your car. The rear passenger seat has restricted legroom which is not so quite impressive. However, overall space in the car is more than the other versions of Kia. If you are planning for cargo then it will not be a good choice for you. In the hatch system, we did not find a flat floor load in the folded seat. And like the door pocket, its centre console is competitively smaller in size. If you are looking for informants and connectivity then the car has SiriusXM satellite radio, USB connectivity compatible with Android and Apple platforms and also has a 7.0-inch touchscreen facility. Apart from this, Kia Rio consumes much less fuel than the predecessors which will give you much mileage and will be pocket-friendly.

Safety and security features

In case of a safety issue, Rio Sedan will provide you with more safety by giving you driver assistance technology and this safety guard is provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In addition to this, the car will give you automated energy braking and forward-collision warning.

The price you will have to pay

You can get this car by paying  $16,675 for LX sedan, $17,315 for S sedan and $17,615 for S hatchback. Apart from this additionally, you can get lots of warranty coverage. You can get a limited warranty for 60,000 miles which will cover 5 years. There is another warranty for Powertrain which is for 100,00 miles and this will cover for 10 years. In addition to this, there is no schedule for maintenance.