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Kia Forte5 :Environment friendly car you can look for


The Kia Forte5 is one of the best cars for all environment-friendly consumers in the automobile market. If you are into style car auto and believe in the use of green technology to give back to our Mother Nature, this is the car for you.

Favour of Crossovers – Lookout for the Hindside of this Car!

Kia Forte5 is a sports hatchback is an epitome of the future outlook of drive auto in the market. The handsome car comes with a sleek exterior gaining the favour of crossovers among the customers. One look makes you feel that it is similar to the Kia Sedan, but look out at the hind side of the vehicle. The wheels are five inches shorter than the Sedan and have four doors leading you into the five-seater car.

High Level of Standard Equipment

This speedy monster is featured by its continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) along with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Further, note that 2.0-litre base engine having 201 horsepower, providing you with high performance on the roads. The gearless unit further uses a chain instead of belts and provides a fuel economy of the range 7.1 – 8.3 litres/100 kilometres. The sports tuned suspension along with underpinning and pipelines make it a famous sports monster for all those adventure lovers on the road.

Five-star Cabin

This little monster is characterised by its five-star cabin making it an ideal car for all those young generation drivers in the market. Once you sit inside the car, only these words come to your mind – spunky, stylish, technology, and quality. The car is way roomier on the backside provide all those sitting at the back including those in the shotgun to spread their long legs in the car and relax away in the long drives. The technology allows you to operate all the latest apps which are displayed onscreen which even provides you with a report on how much fuel is left, letting you plan out your next trip to the fuel station as you drive.

Not a Stinger

As compared to the 2018 Kia Auto Stinger Sedan, this hunk is no stinger. It is no way stiff when operated manually and is way fun to drive on the road, keeping the vibration under control and that unwanted noise at bay! Not only this, the handsome car even provides the most compliant rides on the severely damaged roads allowing you to drive even on steep uphills.

For the Millennial

Operating this little sleek stylish auto would make you think it to be generationally gapless! The rear head-quarters windows are to watch out for, making you overcome blind spots from the rooftop. The technology, spacious and comfortable ride makes you feel that this auto is made just for your age.


This depends whether you buy it as at the base price or as a premium sports car. My advice to all those daily drivers would be to go for the base price. The base price for this vehicle is $ 26, 895. The ones who wish for an adventure should invest in the premium sports car price leading them to get some more added technology as compared to that of base price version. The premium sports car version worth of this car is $ 27, 020.

Overall, all those adventure lovers with a knack for green technology should go for this car. The features of the car along with the sleek and mileage gives you a high performance along with a comfortable journey for long drives. This is by far the best car I can speak about when it comes to racing uphill or going for long adventures on the road.