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Infiniti G35 coupe (2004)- rear-drive sports at its best


In 2004, Nissan has introduced a different car concept in competitive market of automobile industry by emerging its new car model Infiniti G35 Coupe. It is a rear-drive sports car that has 4 seats.


This 3.5 liter and 24 valves V-6 car model is voted as one of the best cars of 2004 based on World’s 10 Best Engines category.  Engine of this specific car model can produce an amount of 270 pound-feet torque and 280 horsepower and it is following an exhaust freer-flowing system. In city, this car is giving 16 mpg mileage whereas it gives 23 mpg mileage on highway. 20 gallons is its capacity of fuel tank and the size of base engine is 3.5I. G35 Infiniti Coupe is producing variable valve timings.  Torque rpm is 4800 and its turning radius is 18.7” however, it has a 6200 rpm in horsepower. Heated mirrors and a driver lumbar-support are its two popular features and final drive-ratio is 3.54:1. Engine oil capacity is 5.7 qts. 


At the price of 31,800 dollars, Nissan is giving a 17″ of silver aluminum wheels along with with front for or driving lights facilities. All doors of this car have a keyless remote entry facility.


It is sharing a five-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmission and right down gear ratios. This model has a gas form of engine along with V6 cylinders. On another hand, a rear-wheel-drive drive train is present in this car model.  It has a basic 4 years and 60000 miles warranty and fuel economy rate is 17/24 mpg. This car is maintaining a combination of 19 mpg. The turning cycle range is 37.4 ft and it has 24 valves. A high-intensity xenon discharge headlamp is present along with an emergency interior trunk release.  Front reading-lights and climate-controlling features are available within this model of Nissan. An interior air-filtration feature and heated mirrors are also included by Nissan within its Infiniti G35 model. This car has a conventional differentiate feature and has an 80D23L battery.


1. Front head-room39.2 in.
2. Front leg-room43.8 in.
3. Front shoulder-room53.7 in.
4. Front hip-room53.6 in.
5. Rear hip-room48 in.
6. Rear head-room34.7 in.
7. Rear leg-room31.4 in.
8. Rear shoulder-room52.7 in.


Curb weight of this car is 3422 lbs and gross weight is 4360 lbs. Width, length and height of this car is 71.5 in, 182.2 in and 54.8 in respectively. Its wheelbase is 112.2 in and rear track is 60.6 in.  It is only two interior and 8 exterior color variations that can be a tough choice for consumers as all colors are very attractive. There is a big and black plastic job on door panel and a small number of metal kernels on its steering wheels. Dashboard of the car is mixing up with an elephant-skin textured and smooth surface that also has polka-dot perforations. Silver and matte texture of stack are proclaiming its luxurious features.


This car model does not contain a tamper-proof headlamp. Seats of this car cannot be folded which is taking more space. Using mid-level gas can hamper its value among customers. On another hand, a brake system of this car has some reliability issues as it needs an often servicing. Door panels are very simple which is not proportionate along with its other luxurious features.