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Honda 4 x 4 – All you need to know


The Honda 4 x 4 is a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It is a compact SUV. In US terminology it is called a crossover SUV. It carries back a long history of manufacturing. The very first model came into the market in 1995. Since that, this car has met many design variations and model upgrades. It has dwelled within many advancements in both design and functionality.

The latest arrival in this family is Honda 4 x 4. It is a beautiful, well refined, good looking and a sleek SUV. Apparently, you can find it to be ‘wow’ as a road car. It amazes us with its 4 x 4 capabilities and proves best on the tarmac. When you travel in adverse conditions, the four-wheel-drive facility will give you a lot of confidence.

Features of Honda 4 x 4

You can upgrade a lot in terms of Gadgets and gizmos. This compact SUV has the SE trim which gives you a lot of gadgets. The SE trim package contains parking sensors, automatic super fast wipers, and Bluetooth facility. The most advanced SE trim has a satellite navigation system, leather seats, panoramic roof and an ultra-modern DAB radio.


The performance of Honda 4 x 4

The latest Honda 4 x 4 is considered to be the best 4 x 4 car ever available. It has many subjective reasons. It claims the top place for a family type 4 wheel drive. It has its own CRV features, that include real-time 4WD. It means the four-wheel drive will enter in automatically when it predicts very bad weather conditions and when it detects insufficient traction by the rear wheels. Moreover, it also has rear differential by containing a low range gearbox. It is something very new in the family of Honda 4 x 4.

Performance and engine

Honda 4 x 4 is available in a wide range of engine choices. Both petrol and diesel of 2.0 and 2.2 litres are available respectively. The Diesel engine offers an enhanced fuel economy and extra grant that is required from a four-wheel drive. It achieves around 50 mpg which is so much for a 2-litre engine.

The SUV offers great levels of power which stand at 148bhp for the 2.2l engine variant. It also has a splendid plush interior.

Final thoughts

Honda 4 x 4 will be the best choice that a family can have. It is very comfortable capable and powerful. It has many Gadgets also. Even if you do not opt for an advanced range of SE trims, you will get a sensible amount of features. When I introduced Honda 4 x 4, l mentioned it as a compact SUV, but it has a huge boot and trunk to hold much luggage. The skill and thought of transferring from 2 to 4 wheel drive are brilliantly amazing. The price is also quite surprising for a top-ranking model. This variety of Honda is said to be the best ever four-wheel-drive model to be produced.