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Fiat Panda 4×4: The perfect practical automobile for greener trekking


The Fiat Panda 4×4 automobile is being one of the best-loved SUV cars for most people. People look for the compact cars to take a flexible ride on road. The expectation of the car buyers becomes possible after the Fiat panda 4×4 gets introduced in the market for sale. It is the third-generation of the panda car model it is designed to increase the off-road abilities. Due to the more advantages of features and beneficial factors the rate of sales increases on the car model. To know more about the highlight specifications of the super arrival Fiat panda 4×4 car read more this article.

4×4 is the character of super-able

The high-competitive and toughest member of the Fiat Panda family is the Panda 4×4 model car. Some special specifications from this car make this stand above the other car models. Predicting the highlighting features from the car is simple due to the surprising factors. The character of 4×4 in the model of Fiat Panda seems like the symbol of super-able car model with the precious features.

Compact size measure of the panda 4×4

The car Fiat Panda is considered as one of the compact model cars in the market due to its size specification. The approximate length of the car is 3686mm, Width 1882mm and Height 1665. The buyer can get the option to select the drive mode on car. Due to the tubeless and radial tyre, the performance of the car is suitable for off-road conditions. Approximate size of the car tyre is 155/80 R15.

The highlight specifications of the car

The performance of the car will be described by the engine capacity. People are preferred to buy the car due to its valuable specifications. The fuel type of the car is based on petrol, due to its fuel transmission power it helps to save the cost spending for fuel-filling. The transmission type of the car is works based on the manual type and ARAI mileage of the Fiat Panda 4×4 is 17.0 Kmpl. The seating capacity of the car is 5 seats so it offers comfort for people to travel with the specific number of passengers.

Interior and exterior specification of Panda 4×4

The most highlight component of the car is its hatchback body type. The exterior look of the car makes you to get admired. The space available on the car is compatible with passengers to seat comfortable and holds some essential things. Even the space on the backend of the car is suitable to place some luggage. This car is suitable to take you where the wild things are.

The protective layer of the car

The car is equipped with the high safety features from the engine plate to the door mirrors to keep you ongoing with the suitable conditions. The color of the car is available in the specific range provided by the car dealer or manufacturer. You can select the car color which is suitable for you before booking the car.

Suspension, steering, brakes and few are other highlighting specifications of the car than the aforementioned information. Lead to make the panda 4×4 as your car to take trips on off-road conditions.