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Everything about Volkswagen 4 x 4


You can get Volkswagen 4 x 4 which is available in a range of different engines. Along with these trim levels are also available. The trim levels include the escape and R line trims. You can find this car with different technological features in keeping the vehicle active and eligible for working under needs.

Gadgets and features

Volkswagen 4 x 4 has features which help in both comfort and practicality. You can find the electronic parking brake which will protect the vehicle when it is parked on inclines. The rain sensors will automatically operate the wipers and they will detect the presence of rain.

The consumers are also provided with optional leather trim. It is found on the SE R line and escapes trims. It will come with the support of front seats and it was useful especially for the cold winter mornings.

Ultimately it is the stylish and the most affordable family 4 x 4 with a huge package of features and capability.

Practical use

The towering power of the Volkswagen 4 x 4 is clear with the ability to move the heavyweight. It has the capability to tow 1800 kg with a braked incline and 150 kg without break incline.  The seat which is found on the back is folded in 60/40 format. This will make the vehicle adaptable for every other requirement. It also uses the fold back feature and provides more storage space. You can also make the seat completely flat by pushing it all the way down. You can also use this setup as a loading bay which can contain large objects.

Trailer stability program

Trailer stability program will help the vehicle in sensing the wheel traction and help in running at steady power. This is possible even when the wheel of the vehicle has pressure and traction changes. The interior of the Volkswagen 4 x 4 is well appointed and has a variety of Style.

The engine and fuel economy

As discussed earlier this car is available with different kinds of engines. Consumers can purchase with a 1.4-litre engine and 2.0-litre engine for car and bike respectively Fortunately, it also contains petrol and diesel options for both these kinds of engines. The consumer also has the freedom to choose a 6-speed manual transmission or 7-speed manual transmission.

When it comes to mpg the diesel engine is very generous with 53 mpg and the petrol engine is not less generous as it offers 45 mpg. If the consumer utilizes the automatic transmission option, one or two litres may be reduced for one or two miles per gallon.

The greatest test advantage of Volkswagen 4 x 4

You can find a very convenient dashboard. It contains the electrical Windows and power-assisted steering controls. In addition, it also has an alert system and seat controls. These facilities are complemented by the centre dash console.

There is another exemplary feature which is the specific Bluemotion Technology. Under this, it has gear ratios and diesel filters- low resistance tyres to keep the vehicle operational without wasting fuel.

Final thoughts

Volkswagen 4 x 4 is suitable for all kinds of transport. This great-looking vehicle can be purchased at an affordable price. It can also store and tow reasonable weights. It can be named as the most versatile car of the year.