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Everything about Mini 4×4


Mini 4×4 is a new Hybrid Car. It has come with ever-loving features like power-saving Eco vehicle, four-wheel drive and extra with along with power-saving engineering.


To start with the features of Mini 4 x 4, it has 1.5-litre petrol engine together with the front 87bhp electric motor specifically for the rear axle. Together with this, it has a battery pack very close by. The front wheels possess 134 BHP and so in total it gives 221 BHP altogether. You can have a fearless driving experience.

Electronically controlled 4wd

This feature comes in three modes and can be chosen with all freedom according to the driver’s preferences according to the driving conditions. One can also switch the driving mode immediately even at the time of driving the vehicle. One single touch is enough to select the suitable drive mode. One can find the torque distribution mechanism which is electronically controlled. It is in charge of the front and rear wheels. This function is done every time as per the need. Apart from all this it also has outstanding traction performance as it eliminates the tight corner braking phenomenon.

Super select

A feature known as “super select” is used in the Mini 4 x 4. This is capable to offer for on the fly driving modes. One can choose between the full time for WD which is composed of viscous coupling unit and Centre differential, real will improve the fuel economy and will also help in reducing the noise. A smooth ride and a very dependable liver operation can be experienced with the help of the electrically operated shifting mechanism.

Stability control system

Just like in an electric drive you can also get the trust from a standstill. The torque ranges up to 284 LB ft. You have to know about the higher centre of gravity also. Someday, when your car reaches a very high point it will help you find the body rolling automatically. It will take a while to settle down to. This is where the stability control system steps- in to give you all comfort.

Brake performance and Speed

Comparatively, it has an extra weight of 200 kg, yet with much balance, it rules the road. You can experience the smooth Ride Ever at low speed to high speed as well. All you have to do is depress the throttle a little bit to surge immediately. This electrical axle car provides great joy and the car gets complete protection from the front locking system.


Mini 4×4 is amazingly powerful. However, there are options to save electricity. You can use it as a short-range electric vehicle. The same is not available in any other electric car these days. But again, you don’t have to do many other sacrifices in your cabin. The seeds at the back are higher and in a very comfortable position. You can slide it to and fro and can gain atmosphere space. It is very much spacious than any other car. It will give you a premium experience.