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CTS Coupe- A look to kill


A broad range of variation is available in the series of CTS and it has offered luxurious and sporty ride amenities for consumers by introducing Cadillac CTS-Coupe in 2014. This classified range of Cadillac CTS-Coupe also has other year models that have been introduced in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively.


CTS Coupe (2011)38,990Dollars
CTS Coupe (2012)46,745 Dollars
CTS Coupe (2013)38,905 Dollars
CTS Coupe (2014)62,100 Dollars


Specifications based on different year’s model

  • CTS-Coupe 2011

Standard CTS-Coupe of 2011 is entirely propelled by 3.6 L V-6 engines, 24 DOHC valve-aluminium, an output of 273 pound-feet amount of torque @5200 and 304 Hp @ 6400rpm.  A direct fuel injection, variable valve-timing and 11.3:1 compression ratio are available. It takes only 6.4 seconds to accelerate 0-60 mph speed and quarter-mile only in 15 seconds at a flat 96 mph speed. Economy-fuel ratings are based on 18mpg in city and 27 mpg on highway along with an optional 6 automatic speed. Angle of rear-glass and high stern combination helps to make mail-slot rear-view and wide G-pillar limits sightlines of rear-quarter.

  • CTS-Coupe 2012

This two doors and 4 seated coupe model has a 3.6 L V-6 engine that can make an output of 318 hp. A 6-speed automatic-transmission is present in this sports coupe and it can provide 275 lb-ft amount of torque @ 4900rpm. Front and rear wheel-sizes are 18*8.5 and 18*9.0 in. respectively. Both wheels are produced by aluminium and code of both tire order are same (that is QYO). It has a gas engine and direct injection fuel system. The base curb-weight of this coupe is 4096 lbs and its drivetrain is based on all-wheel drive. Fuel tank capacity is 18.0 gallons and it gives 27 mpg on highway and 18 mpg in city.

Overall power pinion and rack steering have maintained a ration of 19.1:1. Respectively front and rear track widths are 62.0 and 63.0 inches. Maintenance-free along with a rundown-protection battery of this coupe has given a suspension sports experience to consumers. Heated seats are available for front passenger and driver and also an 8-way power seat-adjuster is available for front passengers.

  • CTS-Coupe 2013

This gas engine coupe model has a 6-speed automatic and shifting transmission that can give a rear-wheel-drive to consumers. A 3.6L V6 engine coupe has 18.0 gallons of fuel capacity and its torque amount is 275 ft-lbs at 4900rpm. It gives 18mpg mileage in city and 27mpg mileage on highway. This coupe model horsepower is 318 at 6800rpm. It has 8 exterior colour variants and 2 interior colour variants that can easily grab your attention.

  • CTS-Coupe 2014

This 6-speed automatic shiftable transmission coupe gives a 4 year and 50000 mileage warranties to consumers. It has a V6 cylinder along with 3.6L engine facility.  Sport suspension tuning and pinion and rack steering wheel are available in this coupe model.  A standard tachometer, voltage gauge, trip computer and low-fuel warning are also present in it.

Day and night auto-dimming rear-view mirror is present and also it has an analogue clock and standard cargo net as interior specification. The exterior body is manufactured by aluminium or galvanized steel along with Clearcoat monotone. 18inches wheels are painted with aluminium and variable intermittent front windshield wipers are available.