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Chevy Cruze hatchback 2017 –A worthy of price


The Chevrolet Cruze sedan was a worthy competitor to the likes of Nissan Sentra and the Hyundai Elantra; it even performed better than the two. Chevrolet tried to tap in the market of hatchbacks by launching the Cruze hatchback after watching their rivals make a fortune introducing hatchbacks in the US market. In 2015, Ford’s hatchbacks contributed to 40% of its total sales. The rivals across town have been watching each other’s movement back and forth.


The reader windows have a steep raking and meet the roof sweep that rises aggressively from its origin. This gives the hatchback a stubbier appearance and gives the hatch is much sportier compact look. However, the rear end is sloped and has a flattening effect on the eye when the car is viewed perpendicularly from the rear end. Chevrolets plan was to produce a hatch that would stand tall off the ground and at the same time would have a smallish opening; they sure delivered on that prospect. However, the hatch open golf the Cruze is far behind the more compact Volkswagen golf or the Mazda 3. Should the backseat of the Cruze be folded, then the car has a space of 47 cubic feet and the cargo space has 23 cubic feet in terms of volume. His space beats their cross-street rivals Ford hatchback by two cubic feet.


People with an endearing love for hatchbacks tend to splurge over compacts when compared to their sedan loving counterparts. The Cruze has two options, with the premier trim and the Mid-level LT trim. The LT has a starting price of $22,115 while the premier $24,820, while there is an additional $ 689 for the automatic gearbox for the LT. The LT has a host of features starting from a 7-inch touch screen that has integrated Apple Car play services along with the auto integration of Android services. However with a 2 grand more the premium version unlocks a host of features with keyless ignition and leathered seats alongside 17-inch wheels.

Engine and Fuel economy

The Cruze LT along with the premium version share a.4 liter turbocharged 153 hp six-speed automatic or manual engines. Chevrolet is preparing an option of nine-speed automatic alongside a diesel option. The noise of the engine is suppressed smartly while the shifting of the automatic transmission is smart and smooth at the same time. The EPA of the LT manual hatchback is 1 mpg better than the automatic version with a rating of 28/39 and 29/38 respectively. The premier model is slightly heavier compared to the LT model and it weights 28/37 mpg considered on a city/highway scale. The displacement of both the cars is 80 cu in and 1399 cc with a torque of 177 lb-ft at 2000rpm. The performance stats are not too impressive given the car is heavier than its Volkswagen and Mazda counterparts, it can do 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 to 8 seconds and 0 to 100 mph in 21.5 to 22 seconds.

So people, tough choice! Although the engine is a DOHC 16 valve inline, intercooler and inline 4 along with aluminum block and head, performance is pretty sloppy. Especially when Chevrolet says that their target customer base is male in their mid-30s with a dog. The Cruze would be a perfect car for hauling equipment ranging from music equipment to camping gear. It would fit the needs of the hypothetical hipster banking more on drama than practicality. The cruise ship lacks personality and glamour thanks to its rear end design; however, it does cater to the end of an individual looking for a compact hatchback. Further, the price range is quite affordable and some might even state it to be cheap when compared to the $36K for the Subaru Impreza STI. Further Ford should look into heir engine specs and designing because their rivals are producing intercooled turbo engine that is leaving hem far behind in terms of performance. If they are unable to ramp up their performance then their sales would take a big hit should Mercedes along with Audi and BMW launch their hatchbacks in the US.