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BMW Mini Coupe, a revolutionised Mini-series!


The BMW mini coupe is an incarnation of the mini cooper and possesses a lot of ‘firsts’ as claimed by its parent BMW. This is the Mini’s first coupe and the very first structure to possess a three-body design. The Mini coupe looks like a sports car, the first time any of the Mini models to achieve this feat. However, the very thought that marketing experts at BMW are expecting the sale of this variant to be less than 5% of its total Mini sales is appalling. However, let’s take a lot at the car ourselves and decide whether it is worthy of the £20,600 price tag.

Style and design

The launch of the mini countryman depicted that BMW was ready to let go of its heritage obsessed class boundaries to cash in the prospect of increased profitability for newly designed models. The sporty design of the mini coupe is to quash the competition put forward by the likes of Volkswagen Sirocco and Peugeot RCZ. The lid of the new coupe is 29mm lower than that of the coupe, along with its insides being hollowed out to increase headroom, lastly, there is a neat rear spoiler that has been added to this model.

Interior designing

Almost all of the aspects of the interior remain the same except for the slight highlight on the trim that adds a revamped look. The switchgear along with the dashboard remains the same and so does the seats. However, some of the testers would have preferred the car to possess bigger seats especially longer below the thighs to give a comfortable feel while driving. BMW has removed the back seats of the coupe to increase room for the load bay.

Engine and Performance

The Coupe has had an upgrade in terms of the engine as they now house the 1.6-litre petrol engine. BMW has also kept in mind a section of their fans that prefer economy over performance with a 141 bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine for all the SD variants of the coupe. All of the variants are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, bar the JCW edition; it has the option of a 6 speed automatic. The mini coupe claims to be a second car, meaning it can do 0 to 62 mph in flat 9 seconds. However, if one was to splurge another £3000, they would get their hands on the Cooper S equipped with a world of promise under its hood. The engine is a beauty, it can develop 177 lb-ft from 1600 to 5000 rpm with its peak at 192 lb-ft between 1700 to 400 rpm.

MPG and price

BMW boosts its Mini coupe to have a 46.1 mpg fuel capacity; however, tests results have returned that the mini can manage a measly 33 mpg. However, the car is supposedly friendly with 114gm/km carbon dioxide score. The 1.6 Cooper 3dr model starts from £20600 and its premium model is the 2.0 Cooper SD 3dr auto that ahs a price of £25210.

Overall, the car has mediocre performance considering it boasts itself as a sports coupe, however, considering the price it is perhaps the cheapest sports coupe in the market. There are a few drawbacks such as a 33MPG mileage being advertised as 46 and supposedly smalls’ seats. We hope BMW does solve these issues in their next-generation Mini coupe.