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BMW hatchback– Car Guides- see through expert eyes before buying!!!!


BMW revealed its next-generation M135i model that can do 62mph in 4.7 seconds. The third generation of the car and it has been installed with a front-wheel-drive platform. However, the US would be denied of the 1 series hatchback, nevertheless, they would get a 2seroes gran coupe as it’s a replacement. The new M13i is significantly ahead of the Audi A3 in terms of engine and performance. The first generation 1 series was a radical rear-wheel driven compact hatchback, the second generation too followed suit, however with the third generation, and BMW has taken a few steps in the opposite direction.

Sleek design

The new 1 series looks like a scrubbed down version of the X2, however, when viewed closely the differences are evident. There is a small gap between the arch of the front wheel and the front door slam, followed by a significantly large overhauling. The interior dashboard design is fitted with some futuristic elements with a lot of colours being used and adding the option of illuminating the dashboard and the door trim, BMW certainly has upped the customizability of the car.

The central screen has a measurement of 8.8 inches, however with the live cockpit system of BMW, (optional of course!), uses a digital gauge cluster, and therefore a larger screen measuring 10.3 inches. There is a myriad of new features that include panoramic sunroof followed by parking assistance using advanced and the smart phone as the key tech. There is an added suave with the intelligent personal assistant of BMW imbibed with a voice recognition system.

There is a tad bit of surfacing on the side resembling one of the variations of the Hofmeister kink. The front end, however, is kind of fussy with the kidney grilles being emerged albeit the rear end is made pretty sleek.

Engine and transmission

BMW has revealed that there would be five engines available at first with an 116hp and 116d being at the bottom of the engine stack. The feature of all-wheel drive is optional while their variant for the gearbox includes an eight-speed automatic followed by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic and lastly a six-speed manual. All models of the 1 series are fitted with a multi-link suspension at the rear end of the car and are available with adaptive dampers. There is a dynamic sharpness about the front end cars that is a result of development on five years’ worth of front-wheel drive. At the top of the deck of the 1 series is the m135i xDrive that has a turbocharged 2.0 litre inline-four 302 hp eight-speed automatic along with a system of all-wheel drive.

It is said to have a top speed of 155 mph and can do 62 mph roughly at 4.7 seconds, quite impressive for a hatchback. Being the top model, the M135i has its specialities, with its unique styling of the body with aggressive bumpers and sporty bucket seats.

The wheels are bigger and there are dual exhausts, giving the car a hot sporty feel despite being a hatch. The engine is very much like the X2 with a differential of limited-slip alongside bigger brakes and suspension tuning.

The steering is slightly different; nevertheless, the BMW M135i would possess the very unique launch control enabling it to hit high speeds that fast. However, the price range of 135i is significantly higher since the top model is priced at £ 36,430 as opposed to the Mercedes A180 being priced at £ 28,540. In this comparison Audi is producing a relatively cheap hatchback with its A3 being priced at £ 21,000.

This car would be a serious competition of the Mercedes A45 that sports a 415 hp engine. We can even expect a more powerful version since the m140i had a 335 hp engine, meaning that BMW has certainly kept the engine specs on the border of shady. However tough luck for people in the States, since they would not be receiving this compact hatch, instead they would be receiving an alternative compact front-wheel drive in the form of a 2 series gran coupe. The 2 series would be a four-door coupe that should contain a similar power train line-up as that of the 1 series. So the expectation of a significantly entertaining M235i model is quite high.