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Audi hatchback- Car Guides- see through expert eyes before buying!!!!


The new Audi A3 is perhaps the most exclusive example of luxury car brands trying to fit the needs of the common man. The Audi A3 would sport a three-door hatchback that would directly compete with their rivals Mercedes and BMW, with their new launch Mercedes A-class and the BMW 1 series respectively. Let’s see what the new Audi A3 has in store for us.

Outstanding design

The lower flanks have been modified to possess a rising character line that adds a sharp look to the car. The C pillar is raked steeply to give the car the appearance of a couple that is added by the three-door setting. The chassis and the girl have an A6 like appearance fitted with a daytime light set in a subtle angle. The taillights are wide and horizontally placed at the rear giving it a classic yet upgraded Audi look.

The pseudo diffuser of the rear is added with an S like package along with largely non-functional air intakes. Thus this minimises, rather eradicates the option of full-LED headlights. This new A3 is lighter as the weight of the 1.4 TFSI model is a mere 2590 pounds, which is 176 pounds lighter than the previous generation. The car can be used or rather turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot and possesses a plethora of assistance systems. There is the traffic signal recognition, followed by the assist on lane-keeping along with the blind-spot warning to name a few. Audi has left no stone unturned.

Classy interior

One look at the interior and you would realism why Audi has a sterling reputation in the automobile world. The air vents are engineered to control the airflow to be in a focused stream or be in the form of wide dispersion. The navigation system is a device from the future with its ultra-thin screen with Google earth integration. Try getting lost in this car! The top of the MMI button is touch-sensitive and it can input letters via hand-drawn patterns on it, further, it can also be used to swipe through the music library.

There’s a tad bit more for music lovers, there is a stereo system from Bang & Olufsen, optional of course that puts speakers in the car doors. These speakers are LED illuminated and can be customised to your liking. The A3 also sports the modular MQB platform of the Volkswagen group.

Engine and Transmission

Here would be three variations of the A3 to hit the streets of Europe, firstly the 1.4-litre TFSI four with a 122hp, followed by a 1.8-litre TFSI four, 180hp. Lastly, the final model would have a 2.0 litre TDI diesel four-cylinder engine with a 143hp. Audi has also confirmed that there would be a hybrid, occupied by an S3. The S3 would boast a 2.0-litre turbo-four, getting somewhere close to 300hp. However, Audi has also promised a beastly RS3 that would sport a 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo getting close to the 400hp mark.

The S3 shows signs of optimism when compared to the RS3; some won’t even wait for the final model of the A3 because of the RS3, although the late would be a five-door hatchback. Coming to the fuel economy, the new A3 has a12 per cent improvement in its fuel economy rates. A 10% mark in the fuel economy rates is an expected upgrade for a new generation model. In the gear compartment, a manual six-speed would be offered alongside a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic, at the owner’s discretion. The new 2019 A3 is expected to be priced at £21,000 as compared to the exorbitant £ 36,430 of the BMW 135i, the Mercedes A180 with a mid ranged price of £ 28,450.

Like the other contemporary Audi models, the shift program of the automatic gearbox followed by the throttle sensitivity can be optimised. These settings are available through the drive select system. However, the A3 and the RS3 would be for Europe and Europe only, the American variant would sport a 2.0-litre TFSI gasoline engine. The new A3 is a serious competition to the Volvo XC40 alongside the BMW 1 series and the Mercedes A-class.