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Acura Coupe focused on reliability and excellence


Acura is representing most luxurious Japanese automaker of Honda and it is one of the best sporty and premium cars based on engineering reliability and excellence. It is introducing a new and super comfortable car in 2019 along with some electronic advancement.

What’s new?

Driver-focused and functional cockpit services of Acura Coupe are representing as an attractive feature of this model. Newly implied aerodynamic features and its eye-catching body are its main TRP that attract consumers easily. Instead of hybrid drivetrain and front-wheel drive, this Acura Coupe model is offered super handling and all-wheel driving feature. Updated interior mild design cues are supporting a fresh and new infotainment process along with a not-so-intuitive touchpad procedure.

Features and specifications

Newly introduced Acura Coupe (RDX, 2019) is providing 21mpg gas mileage in city and 22mpg gas mileage on highway. It has a twin-turbo both electric and gas V-6, 3.5L engine. Both passenger and door capacity is two. It has a 2dr car body style. Basic curb weight is 3878 lbs and its wheels are manufactured by forged aluminum. The wheelbase of this car is 103.5 inches and minimum ground clearance measurement is 3.8 inches.

1. Front shoulder-room57.6 in
2. Front head-room38.3 in
3. Front leg-room42.8 in
4. Front hip-room54.5 in

Entire front track width of this car is 65.2 (in) and maximum w/o mirrors width is 76.3 (in). Rear track width is 63.7 (in) and the overall height and length of this luxurious care are 47.8 (in) and 176.1 (in) respectively. It is powered by four 2.0 liter turbocharged cylinders which can make a pair along with automatic transmission of 10-speed.


Overtly stylized and mildly sporty Acura Coupe 2019 (RDX) is popular for its compact-luxury crossover factor. Its pricing range is starting from 38,595 dollars. It is an affordable luxury car for people though it has a lack of balanced driving-behavior and palpable refinement in comparison with Audi Q5 and BMW X3 models.

Engine specification

This car has 573@ 6500 horsepower along with a displacement of 3.5l/213. Net torque is 476 @ RPM and it has a direct or port type injection fuel system. Based on transmission specification, this car is maintaining 1.21:1 in 5th gear ratio and 0.75:1 in 8th gear ratio. Nine forms of transmissions are available in this car and final driving axle ratio is 3.58:1. Auto shifted and manual Trans description is continued in Acura coupe car model of 2019.  4-wheel disc type brake system is present along with a rack-pinion steering facility. Curb-to-curb turning diameter is 39.7 ft.  Basic 4 years and 50000 miles warranty and warranty control are present. Fuel economy rating of this car is presenting a competitive approach towards other cars of market.

Performance comparison

It is a tough choice to opt-out any one model of Acura Coupe and among all models of Acura’s luxurious and comfortable SUVs, Acura RDX (2019)  and Acura MDX (2018) are best. Here a comparison is introduced to make the right decision in context of purchasing one of them:

Acura MDX (2018)Acura RDX (2019)
·         3.5LV 6 can make up to 290 horsepower and 267lb-ft. torque to achieve 27 mpg on highway and 20mpg in city.

·         Following three-row model for accommodating longer journeys.

·         3.5I V6 to make 252 lb-ft torque and 279 hp for achieving 28mpg on highway and 20mpg in city.

·         Implementing adaptive cruise control facility.