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A Special Look into Mazda’s 4×4


When it comes to family cars, there’s so such thing as one-size-fits-all. Today’s car buyers have a lot of options now and it can be quite difficult too find the perfect one. Fortunately, Mazda has a wide range of SUVs to choose from.

Mazda is known as a company of craftsmen. Their designers are known for giving beautiful shapes to cars through elegant design, dynamic functionality, and cutting-edge technologies.

Mazda Navajo SUV 4×4, Mazda MPV SUV 4×4, Mazda MPV SUV 4×4 – all are Mazda’s well-known and popular SUVs. Mazda 4×4 is one of the latest addition to their SUV collection.

If you’re looking for an impressive car that will stand out in the crowd, then Mazda 4×4 is your ultimate choice. Its innovative design, stylish exterior, and high-zoot trim levels are one of the incredible features.

In terms of stylishness, Mazda 4×4 has a great exterior design. The sharp angeled headlamps with shoulder lines and tight rear end gives it a unique look. The car is known as one of the best looking.

Focusing on the performance, the 181bhp diesel is strong and robust. Those who prefer petrol can go for a 2.0-litre engine (Skyactiv-G 165). The low-rev oomph is there to help in making an easy progress. The typical lofty position of the car will make you feel excellent and the driver’s seat is very comfortable and supportive. There’s an adjustable lumbar support provided while going for long journeys and that is great.

The pedals are lined up perfectly within the driver’s seat so there’s no difficulty while sitting. The front window pillars are effective while approaching junctions and helps in viewing the sideways clearly. A larger rear screen is there along with front and rear parking sensors. If you go for Sport Nav+ then you’ll be receiving a reversing camera, range-topping GT sport Nav+ and trim models that come with 360deg camera displaying bird’s eye view of car on the screen.

The infotainment system of the Mazda 4×4 is very user-friendly. While parked up, you can use it as a touchscreen, and the feature switches off automatically while you’re on the go. The rotary dial controller can be used by simply twisting the dial to scroll and press for making a selection. A crisp display, easy-to-read and sat-nav, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are offered on every trim levels.

Additionally, USB ports are positioned in front of the gearlever and there’s a tray to hold your mobile phone. Did you know a powerful 10-speaker Bose sound system is present on Sport Nav + and GT Sport Nav + trims?

Interior quality is a mix of eclectic materials to improve the ambience along with leather highlights around the dashboard, and attractive inserts for the dashboard as well. Mazda 4×4 comes with good handling with larger 19in alloys that come on Sport Nav+ and GT Sport Nav+ trims.

Mazda 4×4’s diesel engines are smooth and seamless. Its standard six-speed manual gearbox is a bit rigid but has a precise function.