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A First Look at Suzuki Swift 4×4


Suzuki Swift has always been a popular choice for people due to its affordable price and great handling.

Suzuki swift 4×4 is one of the popular superminis and it’s fun to drive around. Thanks to the Japanese engineering and quality, Suzuki has its solidly built structure with a number of versatile features and all-weather security.

If you’re seeking more information on Suzuki swift 4×4, then please keep on reading.

When it comes to four-wheel cars, Suzuki has a long journey to look back on. Suzuki’s Jimny 4×4 was launched in 1968. Since then Suzuki has become famous for providing affordable vehicle options. You will be able to get into a quick alignment with the car and the ride is one of the top-class standards.

The Suzuki swift 4×4 has offering of two trim levels – SZ3 and SZ4. Choose the first one and you’ll instantly receive 25mm of extra ride height and 4×4 badge on boot. The SZ4 is designed with black side skirts, Front and rear plastic skid plates, and black wheel arch extensions to give it a sturdier look.

What’s there?

The Suzuki swift 4×4 has five doors and it uses the sweet-spinning 1.2-litre VVT four-pot petrol engine to produce 93bhp and 87lb ft. All this is delivered through five-speed manual transmission which has been reduced. It’s sharper and possesses more torque.

With a sharp handling, the Suzuki swift 4×4 has a larger profile tires that provide better grip and composure while cornering. The body movement is very well controlled, and the car does a great job of absorbing the road bumps and potholes. The car’s acceleration is smooth and it’s fun to ride on spinning roads. Its dynamic cleaner 1.2-litre Dualjet has been engineered not only to lessen friction while creating a more streamlined fuel-air combination which cuts down the fuel consumption. As a matter of fact, the new car has reduced its CO2 emissions from 126g/km to 111g/km, now how cool is that?

Coming to the interiors and exteriors of Suzuki swift 4×4. Inside of the car, you’ll have copious amount of legroom which is great. The headroom is a bit tight if you’re taller. However, ample storage along with a large glovebox, deep centre console cubby, and long door bins are there. The boot is a bit disappointing as it has only 211-litre of capacity and has a small opening. This creates problem while lifting or taking out any heavy item. But Suzuki has provided a solution to that by providing a steep step which can be used while carrying any heavy item.

The car is much lighter and has a 25mm taller ride height. As a matter of fact, i Suzuki swift 4×4’s front-wheel drive, decreasing the efficiency losses. The AWD system summates 65kg to the weight of the regular Swift 1.6-litre, and tops up the tailpipe emissions by 10g to 126g/km.

Let’s have a look at the specifications –

Top speed 103mph

Economy 51.3mpg (combined)

CO2 126g/km

Kerb weight 1085kg

Engine 4 cylinders in line, 1242cc,

Petrol; Power 93bhp at 6000rpm

Torque 87lb ft at 4800rpm

Gearbox 5-speed manual

Other cars may look sturdy and rugged on the outside with an interesting inside, but Suzuki is much more confident on-road while providing a reliable ride. This car is perfect for folks who aren’t exactly looking for a heavy car.