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2017 Ford focus hatchback-Bet!!! You will like it


2012 and 2013 saw For Focus win the 10Best car award, however, a lot of time has passed since then and now it is merely a competent hatchback that is looking old amongst many fresh rivals. The most recent Focus hatch was a supposedly upgrade version of the 2012 Focus; however, it lacked precision in terms of stellar upgrades. Ford has been looking into the future as they did come up with a Focus electric, however, the RS and the ST versions are more of the same.

Is there anything new?

Well yes, there are a few new things; however, to make way for these new things some of the most favored elements were removed. Firstly, the 2.0-litre engine with the manual transmission is removed therefore making the Focus an automatic model. Yes, people, there isn’t a manual transmission available for this car. Neither is it offered with the 1.0-litre engine that used the cylinders and was way more efficient. The SEAL level of Trim is a new addition that is added between the Titanium and the SE models.

Likes dislikes and some more feelings!

What’s certainly likeable is the well-balanced chassis along with the quick responsive and well-balanced steering. The car remains of the fun to drive within the segment of hatchbacks. The ride is composed and classy and the looks of the interior make it feel more expensive than it originally is. The only aspect where it ages past the new Honda Civic is the sleek and crisp exterior that stands out in the exorbitant designing of the new arrivals. The titration along with the SEL trim supports android smart phone integration along with Apple car play.

The engine is a major cause for a lot of people turning their head the other way. The four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine is not as brawny as the turbo fours that are available with the new arrivals. The size of the car paired with the powertrain increases the time for it to reach 60 mph, the time required is roughly 9.0 seconds. With a $ 21650 and $ 24950 base price for the SEL and Titanium hatch, the performance is just not acceptable that the Honda Civic can do 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds. The interior space is more cramped owing to the large cargo space.

Engine and Transmission

The engine is DOHC 12 valve intercooled and turbocharged with 1.0 liter inline 3. It has 123 hp and torque of 125 lb-ft. The more upgraded engine for the premium models has 2.0 liter inline 4 with a DOHC 16 valve and 160hp alongside a torque of 146 lb-ft. The Transmission has two manual controls a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed manual, however, there are only available for the Focus sedans. The hatchbacks have a 6 speed automatic alongside a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The wheelbase is measured at 104.31 inches followed by the length which is in between 171.7 and 178.7 inches and the width are 71.8 inches. The passenger volume is a staggering 91 cu ft with a height of 57.8 in. The cargo volume roughly extends from 13 cu ft to 23 cu ft depending upon the make and model. The EPA fuel economy is calculated as follows combined/city/highway = 28-34/25-30/34-40 mpg. However, the performance of the car is devastating, it is even worse than the Chevrolet Cruze. The new Ford Focus hatchback can do zero to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds, and zero to 100 mph in 23.8 seconds.

The rolling start from 5 to 90 mph takes roughly 9.1 sec while top gear from 30 to 50 mph and 50 to 70 mph takes 4.0 sec and 5.8 sec respectively.

Ford Focus is just not the hatchback that we would recommend science it just does not provide value for money, in fact, it is quite the opposite. The Honda Civic is a great sedan and so is the Subaru Impreza, however, the latter is quite expensive with its new drivetrain.